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Is the National Career Summit for You?

I understand that the National Career Summit is an investment both in money and time, so of course, some due diligence is expected.

I received an interesting email, and it made me think about you

Last week, I received a rather interesting email...

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When was the last time you spent the whole weekend without worrying about a project or constantly checking your email?

This email will shock you


Today we'll talk about what you see... versus what's really happening in your career.

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How do you know if you’re already a successful leader?

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It’s another work day.You walk into the office and remind your team of today’s most important project.

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Being a leader is tough. Don’t let the title fool you…

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Imagine leading a thriving business where targets are exceeded—not pushed aside for a lower, more “feasible” number because your employees—unlike other sales teams on this planet — are well versed in the art of sales and keeping customers without relying on cheap tricks and over the top discounts that hurt the budget.

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It’s surprising how many organizations claim their sales teams are the best, yet it doesn’t show on their quarterly sales report.

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Are you always pressed for time because you don’t trust your team well enough to delegate your tasks to them?

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Turn More Prospects into Life-Long Clients and Command High Rates Worthy of Your Skills